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The Acturian group through Marilyn Rafaell





DECEMBER 29, 2015





























Dearest friends, we come with joy and best wishes in this holiday season.


We observe some of you experiencing sadness and a bit of confusion because you are not experiencing the season as you are used to. For those of you who are feeling this way, rejoice in the understanding that your consciousness has changed and thus the holidays no longer resonate in the same way. Since last Christmas, many of you have evolved and integrated more light which in turn is effecting the way that you experience, understand, and live every aspect of daily living from the mundane to the most profound.


Somehow the seasonal music you loved in the past, now sounds a bit tinny. Frenzied promotions for bargains of all kinds are often just plain irritating and no longer hold power over you. Some, who never noticed before, find themselves painfully aware of how commercial Christmas has become. Everything feels different this year, but it has nothing to do with age or responsibilities. It has to do with the fact that you have become more enlightened.


Because of your increasing attention to intuition, it is now much easier to recognize a commercial intent behind the seasonal hype of nostalgia and fake sentiment. You easily see that most of it has nothing to do with the true loving essence of Christmas and everything to do with your purchasing power. You are learning to pull aside and look behind the curtain of "Oz".


We remind you of the true meaning of Christmas and the New Year. This season is very powerful with meaning because it represents profound truths still unrecognized by the world in general. As with all things, truth manifests third dimensionally according to individual states of consciousness. A consensus consciousness is formed from the majority belief of individual states of consciousness.

The so called "second coming" as well as the birth of Christ at Christmas is actually the personal experience of awakening that awaits every individual at some point in their evolutionary journey. It refers to the birth of the Christ consciousness within, and does not solely refer to the birth of Jesus/Jeshua 2000 years ago who attained the Christ consciousness in its fullest while on earth.


Gradually through many journeys, experiences, and lifetimes of struggle, the humble personal consciousness (the manger) is prepared for the baby ( truth) to be born. The Christ is always born in humble circumstances for an ego of separation consciousness is simply not open to birth the Christ consciousness.


At first the new born Christ consciousness is weak and needs protection as it could easily be pushed away through fear or snuffed out by the opinions of others. A world consciousness of duality and separation is very threatened by the Light of awareness and would like it not to appear at all, often taking actions toward this.


The new born Christ consciousness must be held silently and secretly within the heart until it grows ever stronger and more confident, eventually becoming a fully mature enlightened Christ consciousness which no longer needs protection for it now knows that it is the very substance and essence of protection and that there is nothing needing protection from.


Thus follows a New Year (life) for the awakened individual-- the second coming has arrived.


Celebrate the season with all the love and joy of your new born higher awareness and you will be a blessing to everyone around you. Life is meant to be joyous, for separation is a myth-- a belief having no law to support it. Embracing a deeper realization of Christmas and New Year, will serve to bring love and joy into everything you do, all year long.





We are the Arcturian Group 12/27/15







The Acturian Group

DECEMBER 13, 2015


Dear ones, it is with joy that we commune and join with you as you journey ever more deeply into enlightenment.


We wish to speak of benevolence, a subject that is frequently misunderstood. Benevolence is considered to be the practice of meeting of some need--the giving of time, money, or service by some group or individual without personal consideration. The USA is considered to be a benevolent nation because of the spiritual principles upon which it was founded and most religions of the world believe benevolence to be representative of spirituality. The holiday season in particular promotes benevolence as the Christmas message.


True benevolence is loving action that flows without pressure, guilt, force, prejudice, or shame, performed with no agenda or desire of reward. It is simply another facet of unconditional love for someone who has attained a consciousness of oneness.


Benevolence becomes misguided when it takes precedence over any and every consideration in order for the giver to feel "spiritual". This sort of benevolence can easily and often does, become enabling. Many a sincere seeker has made the mistake of believing that catering to others is love and so makes them (the giver) more spiritual.


We have chosen to speak of benevolence today because many serious spiritual seekers have become confused while sincerely trying to live unconditional love. This is because they are forgetting to first go within and be guided, often becoming instead human puppets serving the prompts of others while believing that they are living from unconditional love.


Want versus need is the criteria for true benevolence. Become adept at knowing which is which, not allowing yourselves to become hypnotized by appearances or the opinions of others. This does not mean that you never assist some person or group, but means that before doing so you assess the situation and get a "feel" as to whether the request represents real need or is simply a want on the part of the recipients and/or individuals promoting the cause.


Be wise in the practice of financial benevolence, taking time to investigate how much of the donation actually reaches the cause they are promoting. There are some groups launching appeals especially during holiday times in which a large portion of your donation will go to a highly paid CEO. Common sense is a spiritual activity too, just as is every aspect of ordinary daily living.


Benevolence is birthed as conscious action but over time as spiritual awareness deepens, becomes natural and common place. You will find that you automatically and without thought begin to recognize needs from wants and it becomes much easier to lovingly refuse or simply do nothing if so guided.


When you are guided to refuse you may find yourself criticized by those who do not understand that benevolence must include consideration for the deeper aspects of the request. There are times when certain situations may be providing a much needed and chosen lesson for all involved, requiring some of the difficulty to remain.


Always trust your intuition and experience the resonance of whatever correct action is needed for yourselves and others. Benevolence occasionally means simply allowing another to fall flat on their face so to speak, because this is what is needed for the person's growth.

This message is to point out the importance of becoming conscious of the reasons behind your actions--your intent. During your heart centered journey to become more loving and benevolent ask yourselves; "Am I expressing unconditional love, or simply parroting someone's concept of unconditional love?". You who read these messages are evolved beings of Light and no longer students, but as you move into higher dimensional energy, even the smallest bit of old conditioning can trip you up and cause confusion. Stay conscious in every moment.


State the intention to always serve only in those ways providing for the highest and best good of the "other". Many in their sincere quest to be spiritual have made the mistake of believing that benevolence means blindly giving, giving, giving, at the loss of their personal power for discretion and choice.


Benevolence should never be obligation because of pressure from some outside organization or person even though these groups often serve to alert people to world needs. Never forget that every person has a Higher Self and Guides, and came in to this lifetime with a contract that they themselves created for learning.


This is particularly difficult for parents and loved ones who sincerely want to relieve the suffering of their children or friends and family. It is never wrong to assist others who need help. Your famous psychic Edgar Cayce said; "You'll not be in heaven if you're not leaning on the arm of someone you have helped."


However, there often comes a point at which you realize that the most loving action you can take is to simply step back and allow the process to unfold even when you can easily see what is coming down the road. This can be very difficult, but is the more heart centered and truly benevolent action.


Never fear to say "no" when you are guided from within even if others disagree or even accuse you of not being loving. Never allow another's belief system to dictate your actions, especially in spiritual matters for that is what has brought about much of the chaos and ignorance now manifesting in the world. Enter into every situation from a state of consciousness that realizes all are spiritual beings having a human experiences.


Do not let these words cause you to fear expressing love, service, or money to seemingly discordant situations when guided, for giving is receiving which is the secret key to abundance. Send Love, recognition, and Light to every situation, for this is a high form of benevolence.


Everyone is moving quickly into the new and higher dimensional energies and many of you have discovered that the journey holds a few physical, emotional, and mental bloody footsteps which only represent the old energy you are moving beyond. Even those still asleep in the illusions of sense are feeling, causing them to fear and act out. Be patient with them, recognize their divinity, and never fear to express benevolence without reservation when guided.



We are the Arcturian Group 12/13/15






The Acturian Group

NOVEMBER 29, 2015


Dear ones, again we lovingly seek your attention. Issues on planet earth have become increasingly more intense in many directions--reflecting perfectly the energy of duality and separation. Many are awakening but many still resist. Let go of fearing that the dark will out, for ascension is a given in spite of all you are seeing and hearing through the media.


When tempted to fear, remember that fear is the energetic substance of these manifestations and more fear only adds energy to the illusion. Choose to limit the time you spend absorbing mainstream news, health ads, and other drivel available 24/7. Stay informed but not enmeshed.


All who are ready and choosing to ascend into higher dimensional energy will do so, and those choosing to stay in what they have always known will also do so. Ascension is not a matter of intellectual knowledge but is an attained state of consciousness. There are many who seem to have no interest in spirituality, but who live from a highly evolved state of consciousness attained in previous lifetimes. These seemingly disinterested individuals are moving into new energies as well because they have the qualifications, so to speak.


We wish to discuss what the world is calling a disintegration of values, which simply means that many concepts and traditions generally supported as being necessary for happiness or even "salvation", have begun to change, disappear, or are being flat out disregarded by many, particularly the great number of very evolved souls coming to earth at this time.


Individual values based in obsolete concepts still form the basis of many belief systems and those continuing to hold strict value systems that only allow issues to be seen one way, are experiencing sadness, anger, and even panic in the belief that their "true" values are disappearing.


It is especially difficult when conscientious parents attempt to teach their children values and find that the children do not accept the parent's values. Many of the children being born now, are already evolved well beyond what parents and teachers are trying to force onto them.


Obsolete value systems simply do not resonate with anyone who has evolved beyond them. Third dimensional blindness often makes well meaning and loving parents or teachers continue in their attempts to instill old energy into a child, believing that the child must embrace them for their own good--often utilizing medication and experts to influence the "wayward" child to the parents values.


Values are changing, not going away. Like everything else, they are evolving to higher levels. Values reflect states of consciousness and the consciousness that formed them in the first place is evolving and changing, leaving those who do not understand this, to question and experience confusion. Values often reflect the consensus consciousness of a group or country and can thus be very different from one and another. This alone is proof that some values are simply concepts because truth does not vary from country to country.


Values originated in earlier times when man needed rules. Over time, many of these rules became distorted from their original purpose when claimed by those in power who discovered that enforcing rules was a good way to keep the masses in subservience, which is still true today.


Rules were also incorporated into religious doctrine by churches and declared to be spiritual truth, along with the promotion of a heaven or hell awaiting those who might choose to disregard them. To this day, many value systems simply reflect concepts originally utilized for the purpose of having power over others.


We are NOT saying there is no need for rules, for many still need rules. What we are saying is that it is time for you who are spiritually evolved, to evaluate your personal values and see if they are holding you in a belief system that is now obsolete, serving only to keep you in what you have evolved beyond.


Take a honest look at everything you hold as being right. This will be different for every person, as no one has had the same exact experiences creating their values in the first place. Value systems color every experience, causing certain issues to be seen only as black or white and allowing no room for unconditional love.


This need not be a difficult process for you are ready. Honestly and with pure intent, look at any issues still causing you to gasp, be shocked, or feel that "others" are wrong and you are right. Examine then, any personal values you may still hold that is causing these reactions.


A current example could be the issue of gay marriage or partnerships which so many consider to be "sinful" in spite of the fact that these partnerships are often more loving or on a higher level than many heterosexual partnerships. The so called "spiritual values" touted righteously as a basis for opinions such as this, simply reflect a value system based in spiritual ignorance and "religiosity".


Many so called religious values of today are promoted by sincere but as of yet un-awakened individuals holding positions of religious or political influence to whom many have willingly handed over their innate power of discernment. The followers then blindly accept what they are told and become disciples of error who attempt to convert everyone else.


Every issue of daily living is endowed with value of some sort reflecting the state of consciousness perceiving it. We simply say examine your values and make sure they are yours and not someone else's. Often they are values you were taught or brought with you into this lifetime and which you continue to hold. Some will remain true and valid, but your job is to discern the difference. You are ready.


Often it is a fear of rejection by family or group that causes individuals to cling to some outgrown value system but just as often it is cellular memory still resonating from some one or more past lifetimes in which it was taught that severe afterlife punishments awaited anyone daring to digress from commonly accepted truths.


There comes a time in everyone's evolution where they must take the "leap" so to speak, trusting their intuition and going forward regardless of what the un-awakened world may think. As you move into higher and more illumined living, you soon find others who have also made the "leap" being drawn to you.


Living out from a higher state of consciousness does not mean you must not seek help through traditional sources if you are guided to do so, or that you must never welcome assistance from an "expert". Always go within first and you will find yourself gently guided in some seemingly ordinary way to the right medical person or expert--one of a higher resonance, more attuned to your state of consciousness.


This guidance may come as an intuitive knowing, a name that seems to stand out from the others, a friend or article may point you in a particular direction. Spiritual guidance is always available, manifesting in practical and gentle ways you can understand. It is not something accessible only to those deemed worthy as many have and still believe. You are, always have been, and always will be "worthy" for it is your own consciousness.


The energy of ascension is the energy of Oneness. You are the manifestation and expression of One Divine Consciousness and thus can never be separate from your innate wholeness and completeness. Inner guidance is a facet of your completeness. You can only experience separateness from what you seem to need if you believe you are separate. This is the story of evolution.


There are many very evolved souls working on high levels in professions the world sees only third dimensionally. They have chosen to help the world in ways it can relate to, bringing their highly evolved resonance into whatever actions or services they provide. Evolved souls can be found in every profession and aspect of society, even the military, serving to quietly lift the energy of the world through what appears as very ordinary. THESE PEOPLE ARE YOU!


At this point for most of you it is simply a matter of practice, trust, and allowing the process. These actions will serve to gently guide you beyond the limiting values still held by so many in an un-awakened society. You are learning to be comfortable with where you are in the process through the realization that everything necessary will and is taking place without your thinking or manipulation.


Never consider yourself a failure if or when you revert to old values, for the fact that you recognize it means that you have awakened. The "old" you would not of been aware of these things. There is no such thing as failure, for failure is based in duality and separation. Every failure simply represents another step along the way to remembering...rejoice in each and every failure.




We are the Arcturian Group 11/29/15




The Acturian Group

NOVEMBER 15, 2015


Dear friends, we observe many now filled with Light and hope in spite of outer appearances. The “future” is here and all is proceeding according to plan. Allow the process, which means a letting go of remaining resistance and concepts regarding what “should” be happening or when and how it “needs” to happen. Simply continue to hold the Light dear ones, for you are creating a new world.

All who are ready, are beginning to have higher dimensional insights and experiences. Obsolete concepts and beliefs carried through lifetimes are undergoing radical evaluation by many and are being recognized as representing outgrown states of consciousness. Some things will be permanently eliminated, while others will simply begin to manifest in higher forms.

Over lifetimes mankind has been taught limiting beliefs by un-evolved teachers based in ignorance and control. You were taught that humans are tainted and unworthy and can only become worthy by practicing certain rites, rituals, practices, and laws. Most of these belief systems are still promoted by “spiritual leaders” locked into the third dimensional belief system of duality and separation. Because of this their teaching is unable to lift others any higher than their own limited state of consciousness.

Un-evolved states of consciousness need rules and regulations as they are not yet able to hear their intuition or always make good choices. The ten commandments are were given at a time when the majority needed rules. You have evolved beyond the need for structured rules for their essence has become your state of consciousness. You have lived through and moved beyond the stages of needing someone or something to tell you what to believe and are now able to be guided from within.

Most of you have had lifetimes in convents and monasteries and still hold a resonance reflecting obedience to rules and sincerely made vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in cellular memory. Until cleared, this can and often does affect the present, often influencing sexual beliefs, abundance, and reflecting a love for rules because rules resonate with a past comfortable sense of being “on track” of “doing it right”.

These old patterns are now coming to conscious awareness for many in order that they may be recognized and cleared, and one’s inner voice can become the guiding rule. Never fear letting go of anything representing a past state of consciousness for it simply makes room for higher and better forms to manifest.

We of the Arcturian group have spoken many times about love and yet there remains a great deal of confusion about love. Many continue to hold tightly to narrow concepts of love continuously promoted by the media, (films, books, magazines, television), experts, and even religious leaders in the belief that complete fulfillment and happiness can come through finding the “right one”.

Love is most commonly thought of as an emotion. Emotion is often a facet of love, but is not the defining criteria.

Evolution is awakening mankind to a deeper, purer understanding of love, shifting those prepared into a state of consciousness that knows and understands all seemingly separate life forms, to be actually in and of ONE. Everything that exists, must exist within the ONE for it is all there is. That connecting energy within the ONE is love.

Love is interpreted according to the state of consciousness of the individual and thus there are hundreds of concepts of love. Those who remain firmly enmeshed in the third dimensional will continue to think of love as sexual attraction, but over time and experience, (often lifetimes) the every individual begins to move beyond personal narrow concepts and begins to awaken to a deeper sense of love. At first this deeper sense will simply be more expansive third dimensional concepts, as he is not yet ready to mine the deeper, richer levels within.

The consciousness of the evolving soul will expand beyond romance and begin to experience the love of companionship, family, and friends. He may even begin to feel something that is very new for him–a “connection” with strangers. At this point many become “do gooders”, often joining groups in order to help the “less fortunate”.

These groups do wonderful work and are not to be denigrated, but are a step along the way to realizing Love in it’s purest sense. It still represents the level of concepts–“us helping them”–separation and duality.

It is important that no one ever feel they cannot take an active part of groups that serve in this manner for their members are living out from their highest sense of love which is all that anyone is required to do. If you are guided to be a part of some particular service group go ahead and do it even if you do not resonate with the particular beliefs of the group (these are often church groups). The addition of one or more participants of an evolved state of consciousness can only serve to lift the energy of the whole group.

Love is only lived and expressed according to the attained state of consciousness of the individual which is why it is useless to try and change someone unless you know they are choosing to live below their attained state of consciousness. Individuals are only expected to live out from their highest level of understanding and as they do this, awareness expands and more is given–at which point he must then begin to live from the new level. This is evolution.

There are those who receive insights and become aware of the higher sense of things, but then choose to simply store it away as interesting information or dinner party conversation while continuing to live exactly as they always have which is like asking for a “wake up call”. There is a saying that is true on the spiritual level as well as on the mundane which is; “Use it or lose it”.

Mankind is moving through the morass of negative and obsolete beliefs that still hold many in bondage. As you observe the images of a world in struggle and violence, and as you become aware of how much you do not like or understand these things, practice meeting them with love. This does not mean you must like or accept them as being ok while blindly declaring; “God is all”, but means instead, remembering that the reality behind all things is perfect and must always be so because all there is, is Divine consciousness. Appearances always reflect the illusory beliefs of un-awakened states if consciousness .

Many still leave themselves out of the equation through falsely believing that every action and thought they have must be perfect and worthy according to some standard. You can never fully love another if you leave yourself out, for you too are a part of the whole. You are, always have been, and cannot avoid being less than infinitely loveable because you are made of LOVE.

Believing yourself to be unworthy of love represents a state of consciousness that most of you have evolved beyond. It is ok to make mistakes, fall flat on your face spiritually, or fail to live up to another’s concept of success. Let go of all resistance, replacing it with laughter and acceptance. Failure is simply a word representing the third dimensional belief system and has nothing to do with who and what you are but everything to do with what you are on earth to learn.

Learn to love everything in your lives which means living without resistance, guilt, fear, or rigid rules about how things should be. No more “should’s”. Simply be with every experience, observing thoughts and emotions without resistance no matter what may come floating through because thoughts and beliefs only become yours personally when you claim them as yours.

Practice responding to every emotion or thought of fear, anger, resistance, shame, judgement, excitement, or whatever with one word–“interesting”, asking yourselves; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way, is it true?. No shock, no resistance, no giving some word or thought power for good or bad, just one response–“interesting”. As you learn to do this, you retrain your thought processes and neutralize the power you have ignorantly given to things.

Love every perceived flaw and fault in yourself and others for they are markers showing you what you still hold in consciousness. Once judgement is no longer a part of your conditioning, you will find it easy and natural to love self and others. You will begin to experience true freedom–the freedom to laugh and embrace the idiosyncrasies and ridiculous situations that come with living in a physical body. You learn to judge nothing as being bad or good, but as simply facets of the evolutionary journey.


As you do this work, you will find that the thoughts, beliefs, opinions, words, judgements, etc. of others simply lose any power they may of had over you. You begin to live out from that still quiet place within where the nonsense of the un-illumined never reaches.

Love has no rules, Love just is. Love is simply living each moment from a consciousness of Oneness.

All is perfect. Evolution is the process of remembering that.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/15/18






The Acturian Group

NOVEMBER 1, 2015


Dearest students of truth we come to you in love, bringing that which we know you are ready to understand and integrate as you help to bring forth a new world.


Life on earth has become a wild ride for many, with lives disrupted and comfort zones all but gone. This is what you volunteered for. You knew and yet chose to experience everything necessary for personal as well as the collective evolution of mankind. You were well aware that these times would be tumultuous ones as hardened world beliefs and old energies began to dissolve, creating massive resistance within the old world order.


The world is in the midst of many major transitions as a result of the ever more intense higher frequencies of Light now pouring to earth and available to all. Those choosing to go with the flow of change will experience fewer painful issues than those who resist.


You are being reborn dear ones, and as you know, birth is not always easy. The task of accepting new ways of seeing and being can be wrenching for those still solidly fixed in the old ways. These dear ones continue to stridently seek completeness outside of themselves through people, places, and things all the while living in fear of the unknown because a consciousness of duality can only manifest as duality--bad/good, sickness/health, lack/abundance, right/wrong.


Secure and comfortable only within the boundaries of what is known and accepted by collective consciousness, and ignorant of their own innate power and identity, these dear ones continue looking to the rules and beliefs of others for direction until at some point this approach no longer works and they are forced to begin their journey of awakening.


You are evolving into a consciousness that remembers who it is, into the Light Beings that you have always been but did not realize. Be not afraid for all is proceeding according to plan and know that nothing real can ever be lost. You will experience the same wonderful things that you love now, only on higher levels. Attempting to figure everything out is impossible as the human mind is limited to what is already known in collective consciousness.


Many serious students continue to hold to concepts that define spirituality--its appearance, definition, paths, and associated experiences, much of which was valid in the earlier states of consciousness but is now obsolete. Let your intuition guide you as to what if any practices may be helpful for your spiritual growth, not current trends, or something being hyped by the media. You may find that a book seems to jump out at you, or a class or teacher draws your attention, but many of you are finding that you are being guided simply to be still and quiet. Spiritual journeys are all individual and the teachings that lead to illumination for one, may not resonate at all with another.


Many of you are experiencing physical issues as old cellular memory surfaces to be cleared. Often a physical body's weakest area serves as the exit point for these releases. If you are experiencing some recurring physical issue (rashes, aching, etc.) and nothing is ever found to be wrong, then it is probably the clearing of old cellular memory energy. Send light to the cells of your body in the area and allow the process.


Many of you, in fact all of you, chose to enter into this lifetime bringing with you any remaining energy from physical, emotional, and mental injuries of the past so they could be once and for all cleared. You knew these times would be an opportunity to ascend and that these old and dense energies could not come with you into the higher.


Intense experiences of every lifetime will remain stored in cellular memory until cleared, so be patient dear ones. The process is ongoing, but does not happen over night. Try to see the lesser physical discords not so much as calls for medication and doctors, but more as indication of clearing. Trust your intuition and if you are being guided to seek medical help then seek it with no sense of spiritual failure while not allowing fear be a determining factor.


Learn to pamper yourselves, resting more when you can, being still and quiet, and doing the things you love instead of feeling obligated to continue in some old routine that no longer resonates simply because "It has always been done this way, family and friends expect it". It is time to stand in your power, lovingly making choices that are right for you, and not adopting choices that may be right for someone else in order to be loved and accepted.


Many of you are work at jobs every day and taking a nap is not an option but learn to slow down, going within and resting in Center often as you go about your day. State an intention to release all that may be serving to block your unfolding awareness of truth. Most importantly learn to love yourselves and the journey, living out from a state of gratitude for every experience, not judging it as good or bad, while simply moving through it.


Many are desirous of being on earth during this powerful time and are not able to be here. These dear ones watch eagerly from the other side, wanting and hoping for the best in mankind's' journey of ascension.


You are the plows plowing the debris of negativity and hopeless ignorance out of the way through your hard work. You are the nitty/gritty hard workers who are making it possible for coming generations to be born into the higher world consciousness you are creating. Many issues you find so troublesome now, will not even be known to future generations.


Pat yourselves on the back dear ones, for each of you chose to courageously assist in the evolution of mankind through bringing attention and change to commonly accepted world concepts based in duality and separation. Know that many illumined souls are on earth at this time in bodies and situations judged by the world to be "less than perfect" simply to evolve world awareness and bring change. Remember this when you are tempted to negatively judge some person or situation.


Never ever believe that you are spiritually doing nothing, serving no purpose, or that you are not a real Light worker based on comparison. The Light of your awareness is continually adding to the Light of the collective consciousness in ways you will never know. Let go of any and all judgment you may still hold about yourselves based in world concepts limited to appearances--that money, clothes, looks, power, sex, education, location, etc. are true standards of value.


EVERYONE is a Divine Being on earth at this time for experiences chosen pre-birth as necessary for learning and spiritual growth. In reality, no individual is better or less than another. An individual's state of consciousness determines what manifests outwardly as his experience.


There comes a time when each individual must accept and move in their masterhood, no longer a full time student or simply a clearing house for the world's old energy. Many of you are now ready to believe, accept, and live as the spiritual masters you have become--letting go of seeing yourselves as un-awakened students forever seeking. "Forever" students often live in the belief that this is humility but it actually represents a sense of separation from who one really is and serves only to delay spiritual progress.


The point of years of study, seeking, and practice, as well as all the personal and world clearing experiences is to bring you to the point of Mastery. Many of you are ready to step into your masterhood and let go of the books, classes, paths, and tools that assisted you to where you are now. Allow these tools to pass to those newly awakening students you will find yourselves guiding. Step fearlessly into your power dear ones, accepting who and what you are, and trusting that everything needed will be given when needed.


Your attained consciousness of wholeness and completeness, will draw to you your spiritual work whether that be students, spiritual work, or new awareness's and more Light.


It is time to be that which you have been seeking through lifetimes. You have learned and integrated the deeper truths through years of study, meditation, and practice and have arrived, should you choose to accept this.


As each soul's ever evolving Light flows and connects with the Light of other awakened souls, earth will become saturated with higher dimensional frequencies of Light and unconditional love. It is then you will begin see the many changes you seek.


Hold your Light within a consciousness trust dear ones. Trust yourSelves, love yourSelves and be yourSelves. The time is NOW to reclaim your true power and BE.



We are the Arcturian Group 11/1/15






The Acturian Group

OCTOBER 18, 2015



Welcome dear ones, welcome to these times of new energies and unconditional love.


You are moving quickly into "newness" and are now experiencing its energy in many forms. Do not doubt that you are in the midst of great change, do not judge what you perceive outwardly in the world by three dimensional standards for they no longer serve as an accurate measure.


Many of you are finding that you are unable to tolerate certain foods (especially junk foods) and also that you need much less of what you do eat. This is because your higher resonating bodies are beginning to assimilate pure energy as food, something your bodies were unable to do in the denser energies. Material food is actually the material sense of the Divine energy that eternally sustains and maintains you .


Many ordinary things previously believed important to your happiness have skimpy become irrelevant, often without your even noticing. Trust, dear ones, trust. You are not going crazy, nor are you getting ready to die except out of the old energy. You are in the midst of the ascension process of Gaia and yourselves whether or not you are able to fully accept it.


We wish to speak about two often misunderstood issues of living on earth--food and sex.


There is and ever has been, only the ONE manifesting ITSELF in infinite form and variety. Every plant is alive with the one life and even rocks have consciousness. Man has been erroneously taught that he is superior to all other life forms and thus has a right to dominate. This is a false interpretation of scriptures. Man has the ability to assist, support, and work with other life forms through his knowledge and gifts, but has never been given permission to dominate, misuse, or cause suffering--actions that represent duality and separation at its fullest.


This realization frequently brings about an inner struggle with regard to food and especially the eating of meat. The majority of physical bodies are still programmed from lifetimes to need meat as a protein source although as one's energy becomes lighter and lighter, this changes. Many a serious student will attempt to eliminate all meat only to find they are unable to do so for many reasons. Failing to make the switch, they consider themselves to be spiritual failures. If this has been your experience, simply understand without guilt, that your body is not yet energetically ready for the complete elimination of meat.


Continue to include meat as a part (not the whole) of your diet, but begin to eat consciously. Choose meat from sources where the animal did not experience suffering and mistreatment for the meat of these dear animals still carries the energy of fear and suffering. Remember also that your purchases serve to promote the actions of whatever business provided the meat. In many cultures of the past, an animal was thanked and honored for its sacrifice, even being asked to appear if it wanted to provide itself for food. These higher ways of mutual respect and honor have changed and the eating of meat has simply become heavily promoted big business.


Many are now working to bring respect, consideration, and happiness into the lives of animals being raised for food. Utilize these sources. You are moving energetically toward a plant based diet of grains and vegetables which is more compatible with the lighter energies of your ascending bodies which is why many of the heavier foods you are used to eating, no longer agree with you. You will find yourselves automatically drawn to lighter, cleaner foods without effort on your part. There is no need for food as you know it, in the higher dimensions--nutrition is light filled in small amounts.


Honor plant life forms as well for their sacrifice. The origin of saying grace before meals, was not only to thank some God in sky, but to honor the sacrifice of the food. Blessing, honoring, and sending Light to everything you eat will lighten the energy of what is on your plate, making it more compatible with your new ascension status body. Never forget what food really represents on a deeper level and also know that the energy of the one preparing the food becomes a part of the energy of the food.


All must come to know and understand that there is a higher reality to everything material and ordinary--food is just one of them. Carry spiritual awareness with you in every action taken throughout the day. There never has been spiritual vs non-spiritual, they are NOT separate. Everything is pure spiritual Idea, but on earth interpreted according to the state of consciousness of the individual.


Example: Commerce/business is in reality the material sense of love and gratitude--(I give to you, you give gratitude back to me). Car, trains, airplanes, ships etc. are three dimensional concepts of Omnipresence, changing over time as man's consciousness has evolved. Healing and the seeking of it on all levels represents the seeking of that innate perfection already ever present within every individual.


As with so many other things, sexual expression on the human level is often misused, misunderstood, and riddled with concepts of guilt and shame. Sex is usually either embraced with detached and impersonal gusto as the ultimate experience or is considered taboo, evil, and something to avoid as a "sin". Neither is true. Sexual experience on the human plane is neither an end all, nor is it an evil to be avoided.


There are those that need the experiences of sexual attraction in order to grow and evolve into a higher sense of love/sex. Others do not need these experiences, having incarnated for different reasons. Many soul contracts include the need for closure with some individual or sexual experiences from past lifetimes and therefore they will be included in the experiences of this lifetime.


As with everything, sex as it is understood in the human experience is representative of a higher truth--a step toward spiritual completion. The spiritual reality is the uniting and balancing outwardly of the male and female aspects of the soul which are usually unrecognized but fully present within every individual whether in a male or female body. At some point in the spiritual journey, the two aspects become one, the soul is complete and manifests outwardly as a new and illumined individual able to express both the male strengths and female gentleness as needed in every day living. On the human level the joining of the male and female also results in a new person.


Everything material must be understood to be in reality, spiritual. Everything a three dimensional consciousness sees, hears, and becomes aware of is understood through filters of duality and separation. Think of it as viewing the world and everything in it as seen through a stained glass window--that which you see is perfect, but you are unable to perceive it as it really is.


Sex is sacred, not to be used selfishly. Sexual actions must always embrace loving respect and mutual agreement between partners whether they be male/female, male/male, or female/female. Let intuition always be your guide, not whatever current popular thought may be or the rules and regulations promoted by others. Sexual attraction does not indicate the need for a sexual relationship.


Love and spiritual awareness is an energy that can lift the sexual experience to levels never experienced through random sexual encounters. As with all things, there are levels and more levels... In times of old, sexuality, its practice, and the higher truths of it were taught in the temples to give people a right sense of sexuality. These teachings have been lost for the most part, leaving a world of individuals often confused and hurt through an ignorance of the deeper mysteries of sexuality.


Many allow themselves to be used sexually, confusing it with love. The intense energies of the sexual experience remain in an individual's energy field-- good to remember when tempted by some random encounter based in physical attraction only. This is why the molestation of children is so harmful to them, the energy remains within their energy field and they are not of a mature enough level to understand, deal with it or clear it.


Many of you had these types of experiences in past lifetimes and have carried that energy with you through lifetimes and may now be manifesting as unresolved anger and sexual confusion, along with other mental and emotional issues. It is surfacing because you are now ready to once and for all time, clear it.


Do not resist, but instead allow yourselves to feel. Love yourselves and the dear hurt child within you, allowing no shame nor blame to enter the process, all the while remembering that you are in reality a spiritual being having human experiences. Understand it for what it is--old energy that you no longer need to carry with you. These experiences are finished and it time to move on leaving them in the dust of the nothingness that they really are.


Some remain tempted to stay in the perceived "specialness" of victimhood for it often provides loving support, sympathy, and an excuse to remain in what is old and finished. A period of healing may be required, but do not remain in that phase forever, for choosing to remain in experiences of the past will hold you firmly there and you will continue to recreate instead of clear.


Study the informational channels of Mary Magdalene for more about Divine Sexuality and let go of any guilt or shame you may have accumulated with regard to sex. Sexuality is a facet of the human experience and guilt about it is an old and useless energy created and perpetuated through ignorant beliefs.


These energetically new times are enabling all who choose, to live full, responsible, happy, and guilt free lives. These are the fruits that flow infinitely and automatically from an awakened state of consciousness, one that has evolved beyond the illusions of sense that still hold much of the three dimensional world in bondage.


This is ascension.


We are the Arcturian Group





The Acturian Group

OCTOBER 4, 2015



Dear ones, in this time of change and new beginnings, we urge you to let go of any remaining expectations, for expectation only serves to hold you in concepts--mind pictures representing something you have read or listened to with regard to ascension. You are creating a new world, not forming it out of what is already known.


Learn to rest in the "now" at all times, knowing that this is a spiritual universe and all are spiritual beings while allowing each day to unfold without resistance. This practice will lead you into an ever deepening consciousness of love and gratitude as you begin to see everything as being part of a Divine plan no matter how difficult or "unholy" it may appear to three dimensional thinking. As we have previously stated; This does not mean being a "doormat" or allowing oneself to stay in an unsafe environment.


Lifetimes past and present held struggle and very little support for those seeking truth but those times have drawn to a close for most of you. You have done the work, often being punished for it and it is now time to rest, live, and be that which you have attained. One cannot stay in grade school after they are ready for high school or college just because a friend or someone close may still need grade school, or even because some "expert" says they must.


The time has come for all serious students of truth to move into their power as awakened spiritual beings, while at the same time moving courageously through whatever remnants of the "old " may still operate in or affect them. As an individual evolves into new and higher ways of resolving karmic issues and remaining lessons, he no longer needs the intense problems, accidents, and difficulties previously required for awakening. Most of you are there now. On earth there will always be difficulties of some sort whether yours or another's but now you have new, higher, and guided tools with which to resolve them.


You are powerful beings of Light, but this truth must be acknowledged and lived until it becomes a state of consciousness and not just nice words in a book. If an individual is ready to take this step but refuses to leave what is old, comfortable, and familiar he will probably get "wake up calls" in the form of difficult experiences serving to force him deeper and into what he is spiritually ready for. Victimhood can no longer be a part of the consciousness of serious students of truth.


Most are not aware of how much change is actually taking place. Note world movements for peace, animal rights, freedom of information, and other issues that 20 years ago would not of been considered important by the vast majority. Notice also how people are starting to take a long hard look at commonly accepted beliefs as well as examining more closely the motives and intent of world "leaders".


You are reclaiming your innate power through listening to, resonating with, and living out from inner guidance instead of blindly aligning with the often limiting concepts of some expert, government, church, or person. You are learning to stand in the power of Self which does not mean that you can never be taught truth from an evolved minister, expert, teacher, or friend. However, the bottom line must always be yours, based in an inner knowing of what is right and appropriate for you.


We wish to speak of the new energies. Most of you were aware of the full moon and eclipse bringing high light frequencies. Do not believe that "nothing happened" based on appearances for new Light energies did come and are available but the integration of them only takes place as an individual is capable of receiving them. Very few are able to fully integrate high frequencies all at once because the physical, emotional and mental bodies must be prepared to accept and resonate with them.


Never doubt that your Higher Self will see to it that you receive everything you are ready for as you are ready without effort on your part other than to live out from your highest sense of truth. Always remember that you are being guided, and assisted at all times. No one, not even the very un-awakened are ever left to struggle through a life on earth alone.


Your job as evolving students of truth is to rest in the awareness that this is a spiritual universe, governed by Love, and peopled with spiritual beings. Do not spend time worrying about whether or not you are ascending or "doing it right". Living out from your highest sense of right in each moment is all that is required.


So much third dimensional thinking regarding spirituality is limiting--how experiences must look or feel in order to be valid. These are concepts based in and handed down from someone's belief system. Experiences others may of had were valid for them, but may not necessarily be right for you.

DNA will activate as you are ready, chakras will be clear and open as you are ready, and 5th dimensional experiences will happen as you are ready. All the courses taken, practices engaged in, and efforts put forth to attain these things can help, but the fullness of the experience cannot take place until the soul is prepared.


Hold the intention to evolve while practicing what you already know and more will be given. Ascension does not simply drop into ones lap without preparation. Each step taken along the way of lifetimes adds to and finally brings forth a fully aware state of consciousness that results in your creations manifesting outwardly on increasingly higher levels.


Love everything. Love the bad" as well as the "good". Love your faults and love those who do not love you. Love the thoughts that pop into your head that may cause you to react with fear, anger, resentment, jealousy etc. for there is nothing but GOD and as you learn to love everything, you stop giving appearances power causing them to lose their "punch".


An evolved state of consciousness automatically dissolves old learned behaviors and beliefs such as being "less than" or "unworthy". Learn to laugh at honest mistakes and you will soon discover that the sky doesn't fall down, your Guides don't leave you, nor do you stop spiritually growing when you make a wrong choice. This is what lifetimes spent in the third dimension have been about--stepping and falling, stepping and falling..


You chose to be here and you learned. Most of you are now finding or will soon find yourselves assisting others to also grow and learn who and what they are. Rejoice in every opportunity whether it is just throwing out a seed of truth or actually teaching another but never seek out students, force, proselytize, or work to "save" someone for there is only ONE and that ONE doesn't need "saving".


As you radiate more Light, you will attract some who seek to have your Light instead of finding their own. These dear ones are not usually interested nor prepared for the deeper truths.


Those ready for what you may have to give them will find you. Trust your intuition and

allow yourselves to be guided as to the readiness of any who seek you out. Keep your work with others on the level of compassion and not sympathy for sympathy will align with the other's lower resonating energy.


Compassion is a more detached way of viewing another's issues and allows you to offer the words necessary for the person to hear at their level of awareness while you continue to hold your Light.


In unconditional love and awareness we are;

the Arcturian Group 10/4/15






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