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These Retrogressives Cannot Exist in the New Earth Which Is Being Created

a new Message from Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin

December 18 - 2015




Greetings! This is Ashtar reporting

from the New Jerusalem.

Untold changes have been taking

place in rapid succession.

You are about to enter the great

reformation of Earth and some

Guidance is called for. Know that

this is the Divine Plan and it is

required Earth move deftly through

massive changes over the next

couple of weeks. There is an echo

of the alignments which

happened December 21, 2012.

In that time there was much

discussion and doubt. Many woke

on the 22nd and said “nothing

happened.” I do not know what

you were expecting? The changes

which took place then were

manifest in the causal realm and

these current changes will very

much be on the physical realm on Earth.


Something else to know is that many channels speak of 3D, 4D and 5D. Earth has been solidly in 5D many years now and has moved beyond 5D. Earth is progressing nicely into the 6-7and 8th Dimensional frequencies and will very soon return to 12D. This is required for Earth to hold its place on the New Timelines. This is not shared often and is an idea to begin to get used to. 3D and 4D as you have perceived them are long gone. Understand that these Dimensional changes are not fully understood in your current scientific theories. Where a sacred site may be vibrating in the 8th Dimension and above, atop a sacred mountain in the Himalayas, let us say, the 6th Dimension is already being integrated in large busy Cities. It is a collective Consciousness and varies over the Planet. It is not necessary at this moment to grasp the finer details. Be open to the shifting reality happening just under your feet. Often it is said Humanity is not yet ready for Big Change. I am here to explain the changes which will make it possible to Be Ready.


Extraterrestrial Technology of which you may only imagine as fit for movie screens has been in place on Earth and is being incorporated into everyday life slowly as you have all seen, such as replicators also called 3D copiers. The technologies we have available to us is very sophisticated. We use this technology within the limits of the Prime Directive to give a hand up to our Sisters and Brothers on Earth and move Earth back to its rightful place in the Milky Way Galaxy. That is a very Big story better suited for another time.


This Technology is sentient and in Oneness with the Cosmic Forces of Light. Over the next few days constellation movements in cooperation with Earth make it possible for our Technology with the incoming Galactic Codes to effect the DNA of every woman, child and man in a way that more intelligence and more love is possible inside each soul on Earth. This is only happening for those with 12 strands of DNA. Those known as the cabal carry as few as 2 strands of DNA. They will not be able to withstand the changes required for Earth now and at the right timing will leave Earth. It is reported a Planet they call Wolf was discovered by scientists. This is one place they will be brought, there are others, each according to their requirement and each exquisitely individual for their own soul growth. There will be no more war on Earth. There will be no more corrupt politicians. There will be no more false flags. All of those things long controlling Earth end now. Just as it is required to end war and remove the elements causing such things it is also required that those living on Earth learn the truth about Extraterrestrials. You have noticed there have been many more decloakings now than before. Anticipate in the not too far future landings will be possible on an Earth existing in Peace. Those negative Extraterrestrials which caused trouble and pain to Humanity will be removed from this vicinity and no longer allowed in this Sector, never again. Healing will be integrated and memories mitigated.


Now imagine two tracks running at once. Consider how many times a day you are reactive to news you see, especially on social media, liking, commenting, sharing those things which are important to you. In order to endure the massive changes coming over the next few days consider that your egoic opinions do not matter. They will not change things. As this force of energy runs through your body you will be questioning everything. Look for balance in all things. It’s intelligent to be concerned about GMOs or Chemtrails but those things are tiny in comparison to what you are missing. To take an entire race from Earth, or an entire religious group and pronounce them terrorists. Worse yet, to actually pay attention to or believe to be real anything the cabal Presidential Candidates say, much less debate between your egos, not your minds, is a scandalous waste of energy. I am here asking you to come Higher. Stop and think. Important changes require your High Heart be focused on LOVE right now. Let me explain further the Cosmic changes you can expect.


In the hours of December 19 and 20th the perfect alignment of Galactic Center and the Sun with the constellation 26 degrees Sagittarius, the Archer, embody a Gateway for the Galactic Codes to effect the DNA imbuing rarified intelligence and the capacity to love thy neighbor in quantities you are not yet carrying. You will notice the change. You will not be so willing to cuss and discuss trivial little nothings anymore. Your attention and focus will shift to a harmonic aware and awakened state of pure love. Just following this ecstatic energy the Solstice of 21 and 22 December will flip seasons around the Equator. In the north it will be the blackest night and every morning there after, in the United States where the focus is most needed now, more and more light will be added each new day. In this period you may feel challenged. Be aware beforehand and avoid conflicts you may later regret. These changes may be a challenge to endure. It depends on how much baggage and anger you are still allowing to be a part of your being. Balance. Drop it. Let it go. It is no longer useful.


The energies from the Galactic Council at Galactic Center, headed up by Salvington and his Etheric legions of Extraterrestrial helpers brought across the Solar Winds by Extraterrestrial Technology from Source Energy, also known as the Central Sun at Pleiades, Alcyone, through your Sun, Sol and birthed through Mother’s Yoni, (the milky way) into and through Earth’s electro-magnetic Grid and eventually from the 20th of December through the 25th of December will erupt into an orgasmic Full Moon on the celebration of the birthing of Christ Consciousness. Thus balancing in that period the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects within All as well as within the Planet. The effulgence of the Christmas Full Moon will be like none you have ever experienced. No matter if you have religion or not, this energy will reach the most cynical. Happiness will be the order of the day. Peace, Good Will and Joy to the Planet Earth. The controlled will be liberated by this energy. Humanity will be prepared for the immense changes to follow. Be mindful and meditative as these days and stellar movements dance through Space bringing the changes which tip the scales for the last time. Connect with your Galactic families and feel your limitations fall away. Members of the Galactic Federation include Pleiadians, Arcturians, Antares, Andromedeans, as well as those from Procyon, Lrya-Vega, Virgo, Orion Constellations with planets which reach across quite a polarity spectrum; Dracos, Ursa Major (Bear) Ursa Minor, Leo, Sag, Zeti, inner planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter; outer planets, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Niburu and 100 million/billion galaxies, Great Central Sun; this is a planetary ascension that involves all these and many more for which you do not remember or know the names. You are never alone. You are receiving help on unseen levels from your near neighbors. Millions of you remember already your origins. Be strong. Know you are loved beyond measure by that one who never gave up on Earth, Admiral Sananda. Celebrate and be truly happy. Magic is afoot. There is much more coming to tell you about. Let’s prepare for what is next and I will visit you again before we herald 2016 in this same space for more Guidance. Salut! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin,


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Greetings Everybody! For about the last month I was suddenly struck with illness. I feel it was a body response to much clearing I had worked on. It required I find a surgeon and I was bed ridden and unable to provide for my family of 3 beside me. My surgical procedure of one week ago was described as going exceedingly well by the team. I am undergoing MRIs today and close monitoring that more surgery will not be needed. I am recovered and able to do readings. I would like to offer reading bookings from Sananda as well as Ashtar and Mother Sekhmet. I may do a limited number each week and my time is very flexible. I can call overseas as well. These are one hour and half hour bookings. I am in dire need now so I would also like to offer a free PDF copy of my book Lord Ashtar and The Galactic Federation (2011) which is 416 pp to anyone who sends me a donation of any amount at this time. Please see full details of the book on amazon.com Please send me an email if you have an interest in a reading or sending a donation. eltrutwin@gmail.com


I will look into my email once a day over the next several days and send replies. My website is being rebuilt because I have decided to do more frequent messages again from Sananda as well as other Ascended Masters and Archangels. I am pleased to provide this love exchange because we need more direct information more often. I do all my own website work and the new format will allow for quicker posting.

Check there for it to propagate in the next day or two with all my messages. http://CosmicAscension.org Please feel free to email me any questions and be patient in the reply as I gain my strength and get rare down time with my 3 children. Have the Most Wonderful and Magical Celebrations as we herald a Planet of Peace.


Merry Christmas to All!


~Elizabeth Trutwin






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Earth is undergoing Change Over

a Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin

October 27, 2015




Etheric Plasma Energy


Greetings in this Full Moon! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. I would like to describe to you the Earth changes you are seeing now and help you understand the history which brought us to this moment. Earth is going through Change Over now. This is what it is called when upgrades happen to a Planet which enable it to utilize technologies not available at the denser dimensions. The most important of these is utilizing Plasma Energy at Zero Point. Plasma Energy is one of the four fundamental states of energy. The others are solid, liquid and gas. Plasma Energy permeates everything on Earth including our bodies, our food, our air and water. It is a power source, a force, it is ionic energy.


Etheric Energy refers to a type of very fine matter or substance. It is all around us, and it permeates all physical matter and space throughout the Universe. It is a wave-and-particle type of energy, in terms of modern physics. It is really a range of frequencies of energy, and not just a single frequency of energy. Etheric energy is also called chi, vital force, prana and other names. Etheric energy can be transferred from one person to another person using various healing techniques or transmissions. These are exchanges of energy. Etheric Energy has also been called the God Source. It enlivens the body when we are alive and leaves the body when we die. Plasma Energy has properties unlike those of the other states of matter. We live in a matter Universe. The presence of a significant number of charge carriers makes Plasma Energy electrically conductive so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. Like gas, plasma does not have a definite shape or a definite volume unless enclosed in a container. Plasma is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the Universe. Plasma Energy and Etheric Energy are exactly the same thing. 5th Dimensional Earth has reached the Etheric level where Plasma Energy and Zero Point are possible.


Etheric Body is a Plasma Ball of Light


In a Cosmic-Union with all Creation approximately 450 billion years ago Mother and Father God came together and all at once created trillions and trillions of Twin Flame Souls which would be the totality of Consciousness in the Cosmos. These sparks of Source energy were as balls of light of Consciousness and can be considered Plasma Energy. These balls of light travelled alongside Mother Father God for eons of time as light and helped create the seven Super Universes, the Planets, the Stars and as a Collective Consciousness, All That Is. Inside you is Creator. You are that. Your thoughts create each next moment. Every one of you are connected in the Universal Hologram or the construct by your thoughts. This is why Extraterrestrials communicate without speaking. Their thought transmissions travel at the speed of light.


Six of the seven Super Universes are light matter Universes. The seventh is a dark matter Universe. Our Universe Nebadon, the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth exist in the dark matter Universe and all physicality is lit by the Sun as its Source of Plasma Energy which embodies all life on Earth including our bodies. There is a Sun behind the Sun and this is an ‘above the physical’ Sun which provides Source energy which travels through our Sun Sol to Earth called The Central Sun or Alcyone. Source, the Sun, our Bodies and EVERYTHING in the matter Universe are enlivened with the energy called Plasma Energy. It is a Sentient Source of Intelligence. The new free energy being offered by the Keshe Foundation is a sentient source of Plasma Energy. Congratulations, Earth and all on Her. You have evolved to a moment where this is possible. It is free because it is the most abundant matter in Space and when put into a 6 x 8 container may be harnessed for heating and cooling and many other applications including portal energy. The StarGates are portal energies. This is where physics meets quantum physics and they agree to hang out on Earth as friends. Quantum Physics holds the scientific proof for the Etheric plane of existence and the Etheric mode of transportation called the Etheric Body or the Merkaba. This is our own individual vehicle to travel the Universe. Those balls of light making crop circles? Plasma balls of Sentient Being. Is that Extraterrestrial? Yes.


Our Near Neighbors


There are untold numbers of human forms in many Star Systems. These humanoids are of many different shapes and sizes. All throughout our Universe humans exist at many dimensions. There are humans who look similar to us who live in the 3rd Dimension still and others living in the 5th - 12th dimensions. We are capable of that now too. We will continue to evolve along with the Universe. It is a continuous never-ending process. When one reaches the 5th it is said they have been reborn again of Water and the Holy Spirit. This means they have learned the skills to tap into the 12th dimensional energies. This is when a light energy or light transmission of Plasma Energy can energize the body. There is a practice where one places their tongue on the roof of their mouth. This is called ‘closing the Gates’ Then a light energy enters the body through the spine lighting the kundalini and reenergizing the human form. This was depicted in the Matrix movie when Neo had a circular portal for the hose of light energy to enter in the back of his neck. By doing this they were able to ‘run the program’ where they left the Ship to go into the Matrix. Learning the practices needed to reach 12th dimensional energy and live much longer than 100 years is obtainable by anyone willing to do the Inner work.


History at Earth


Earth is considered special due to the diversity of life. There are millions of species on this tiny Planet of insects, animals, fish, birds, extraterrestrials, humans, plants, minerals, magical beings and on and on. When we created the dark matter Universe the whole point at Earth was to see how much diversity could live here and not have war. Unfortunately there has been a lot of war. Not only here, but also on our Near Neighbors like the Orion and Lyran constellations. These constellations are filled with Stars and Planets. Earth is a Trinary Star System with our Sun Sol, Sirius A and Sirius B. Jupiter is becoming a Sun in this System.


When we entered the dark matter Universe we were forced to come here after our StarShip of 144,000 was Commandeered from the Aurora Sun System in the light matter Universe of On to the dark matter Universe of Nebadon. Had we not come when that happened, we would have died. It was a very chaotic scene of war just like we have today on Earth. Many did lose their lives and took many lifetimes to heal their Souls. These Soul traumas helped build the programming in our ego minds of ‘I am not enough.’ There are variations like ‘no one loves me’ ‘I am all alone’ and ‘I must always be right.’ These are core issues that must be fought to overcome in order to transcend this world of war and become Ascended in our bodies.


When we first arrived at Earth we came here as refugees from Orion and Lyra. As we arrived some of those originally from the Aurora Sun System had turned dark because they wanted power and control over every Planet in the dark matter Universe. This battle continues today. On Earth it is the Nazis who continue as the 4th Reich and they never ended the second world war. They have incarnated into the Royal families and hide as millionaires and billionaires continuing their insane need to control everything even if it destroys the Planet. We are ending the polarity of the Grand Experiment and returning to Oneness.


As war continued on Earth it too involved nuclear weapons. Both Atlantis and Lemuria had land masses sink due to nuclear weapons detonations. Using large Earth Crystals and Plasma Energy the Grid System and broken infrastructure of Earth made refugees of the Atlanteans as their land sank into the Sea. These refugees went to the Argatha Network of Inner Earth and stayed there about a year as they waited for the fall out of their war to heal. This happened twice in Atlantis and twice in Lemuria or the Land of Mu. This is evidenced by the periods where almost nothing was here except dinosaurs, fish and birds. We know what wiped out the dinosaurs and created an ice age. Nukes.


Ashtar Command Base


Between the Kings Chamber and the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza, far under the ground, is an Ashtar Command Base. Commander Haaton is stationed here. There are sub etheric generators under this Pyramid as well as many of Pyramids on Earth in Central America and China which also have generators which are monitored and engineered by Haaton’s Crew everyday and this is the mechanism which holds Earth on her axitonial alignment and why we will never have a pole shift. The need for this system came about from the misuse of nuclear arms in the wars we have had at Earth and beyond. Mars was devastated this way and why its surface has no Oceans or Seas of water.


At this Base in Giza last night for the very first time since we came to Earth, in this Full Moon Energy the StarShip of 144,000 was taken out to tour Earth and to use the available Extraterrestrial technology equipped on that Ship. The Ship of 144,000 has been kept below ground safe all this time and waiting for a time when it would be used to Activate the structures necessary for Zero Point. There are still many steps to go in a collaborative effort. Last night’s Mission was a technological success and Earth is in Change Over.


The Change Over Process


On the Winter Solstice of 2000 on December 20th the Pleiadians were successful in completely surrounding Earth in a Photon Belt. This acts as a tractor beam pulling Earth away from where it got off course in the Milky Way Galaxy. This has taken 15 years Earth time to achieve moving Earth slowly back to the position it needed to be in to rejoin the corrected Timelines. This happened because of all the wars and destruction. On December 21, 2012 Galactic Center aligned with Cosmic Center and Earth was beamed special energy to assist this process. Earth had Ascended and entered the Satya Yuga. Now in this Full Moon as we near the Winter Solstice of 2015 we are in a window of opportunity to see all the arrests, announcements and abundance which has been long awaited.


Many of you are feeling tremendous pressures and having untold challenges. Everything in the Cosmos is interconnected. The reason for this is because the Gamma Rays beaming Earth as well as the alignment with Earth’s second Sun which is Sirius A, is making it impossible not to face up to misalignments within yourself. This is a proving time. Be calm. Tackle your challenges. Face up to those things left undone. Make Peace. Heal relationships. Walk away from relationships which drain you. Become One with your body and work to improve your health each day. Relax. Meditate. Be Happy. Help others who are working very hard at bringing in New Earth. If ever you are in doubt call on me for help. You are never alone. I am always with you. You are loved beyond measure. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, October 27, 2015. ©Elizabeth Trutwin All Rights Reserved. http://CosmicAscension.org


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Activating the Andromedan StarGate at Lake Louise, BC,

A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin,

May 1, 2015


Do You Want Your Ascension? Do You Want Your Freedom?

Then You Must Have The Truth.

Why is Earth Ascending now? Simple. It has been forced to. Those living in the future with great technological advances from lives millions of years in the future looked into this Timeline to find Earth and one third of the Milky Way Galaxy completely destroyed. A Plan was made for the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth as well as other neighboring Stars to restore them to their original Pristine Beauty. In order to accomplish this enormous task the damaged Timelines had to be restored and merged with the Timelines of the future.

What was it that did the damage? The small handful of dark cabal who mined and enslaved Earth took their profits, developed reverse engineered Extraterrestrial Craft and learned to go into deep space with propulsion and energy systems unknown to Humanity on Earth at that time. They then went on to mine and enslave other Stars and Planets. They were not stopped. Nuclear weapons, their means of control, destroyed more and more of the Milky Way Galaxy as happened to Niburu, to Maldek, the Earth crystalline Moon, and the surface of Mars including her oceans and rivers.

Nuclear War has been an issue going back through the history of your Solar System. A nuclear blast destroyed Niburu and it was rebuilt around its own Sun. It is both a StarShip, a MotherShip carrying a crew of 20 million people as well as a Planet. This is hard to fathom, although true. Niburu existed in the Aurora Sun System which had 23 Suns. Nuclear war destroyed Niburu. With technology far advanced of your imaginations a MotherShip was made into existence with 12 stories and holding all forms of nature inside including mountains, forests, animals. Every form of plant and mineral life may be found there on Niburu. On Niburu the Crew are of many species all of which are humanoid, though not all resemble Humanity on Earth. Ninety percent of life forms within your Sun System are humanoid. Each their own Humanity sharing common genes. Some are part woman (man) and part horse, elephant, lion, serpent, alligator, pterodactyl, ibis, hawk, lady bug, preying mantis, and many, many others. There are 200,000 different species of Human hybrids in your Solar System.

There are many stories out there about the Annunaki and Nephilium from Niburu. The work of scholar Zecharia Stichin is used to justify these stories. His research is good. The more recent stories are made up and attributed to him. He passed on a few years ago and would be greatly disturbed to know his translations are being used this way to manipulate fear of those from Niburu. The number of Annunaki who defiled their people was four. Four original Annunaki defiled the memories of those on Earth. They went out and recruited others of all races to help their dark cause.

Many they recruited were from the Constellation called Dracos. This was the home of the Dragon People, the Snake People, the Alligator People, the Dinosaur People and the Lizard People. These are who now and always have been the cabal. The number of false prophets has grown. Why? Control. Enslavement.

Do You Want Your Ascension? Do You Want Your Freedom? Then you Must Have The Truth.

As you read blogs which are reposted all over, you believe fake stories because they have been repeated so often you adopt them as truth. You will not ascend with that approach. You will be left behind. The end of this life will result in death. You will not incarnate on Earth ever again. The Timelines are being merged and there will no longer be a way back to Earth. You do not understand what you do not understand. In order to integrate the Supreme Truth One must spend time in nature, integrating the quantum unified field. Connect with Nature and the Cosmos. Put down your devices and remember who you are.

Maldek was a large Planet between Jupiter and Mars. It is now what makes up the Asteroid belt, of which Ceres and Vesta are a part. In the nuclear attack at Maldek two cities fired repeatedly upon one another and after three days of nuclear missile blasts the core of Maldek was destroyed. The Planet grid exploded. In this massive destruction the force of the antimatter went out like the wind god and blew the surface off Mars.

The water on Mars in the Seas and rivers was pulled by gravitational force into the orbit of Earth and deposited there. This took a year from start to finish. The Moon which used to be Earth’s crystalline second Moon was pulled out of Earth’s gravitational field.

Just such a scenario was played out on Earth during the Cold War. Back on Maldek the first blast was caused by an Earthquake which set off the computers and launched the first missile. As it flew toward the enemy, then they decided to launch their retaliation missile armed with a nuclear head. Their computers had detected the nuclear missile headed their way. This thoughtless war waged three days before this massive Planet biosphere was completely destroyed.

During the Cold War it was reported to President Yeltsin that the United States had sent a nuclear weapon toward a Russian target. He did not believe his military commanders and did not return fire until he checked the reports. We came that close to all out nuclear war on Earth in recent times 4-5 times in the last 5 decades.

During another Cycle of Earth the large part of Atlantis was destroyed, it was due to a nuclear missile being launched into the Plasma Sun at Inner Earth. This broke into three pieces the great Crystal and those three pieces still lie on the Atlantic Sea floor where what we call the Bermuda Triangle is. This broken crystal is what draws Ships and Crafts of all kinds off course, the magnetics of their guidance systems become lost and they traverse dimensions then.

All of the destruction which destroyed one third of the Milky Way Galaxy in the future was due to nuclear war. Ashtar always says, No Dates. No Nukes, No Flukes. Flukes is an American expression which means Coincidences or Mistakes. The Prime Directive under Universal Law states that Extraterrestrials who have returned to repair Earth and give Her Sovereignty again may only interfere in two cases : 1) The case of nuclear weapons used to kill Humans and 2) The case of a massive psychological attack, of which 911 is an example.

Do You Want Your Ascension? Do You Want Your Freedom?

Then You Must Have The Truth.

Many gentle hearted light workers have made the mistake of thinking all of government on Earth is the cabal, all of royalty on Earth is the cabal and there are none to be trusted. In this assumption they cannot be trusted so we cannot partner with them for solutions.

There are over 1 million walk-in Souls living on Earth as well as 60 million Galactic Humans. They work together and are all completely telepathic, just as we know Extraterrestrials are. They are working in all walks of life and are strategically placed to serve Humanity. This is a way to get around the Prime Directive. By becoming human these super-humans change things from within the matrix, yet they have their entire memory, their adept abilities and at the same time live human lives. They live under a Boddhisatva Vow. They take nothing in return for dangerous lives battling the tiny number of cabal. This is how it must be handled. There is no other way. There is no other way but reveal the truth to the younger Souls living on the Planet who do not have the sophistication to understand. They do not know what questions to ask. They are so heavily under the programming they are easily fouled. Those Extraterrestrials living among you on Earth have sacrificed everything to be here now. They are here to save the Planet from total destruction.

The detonation of Trinity Atomic Bomb in July, 1945 at Alamogordo, New Mexico began the detonation of the physical Universe including Earth.

At that precise moment, Earth was taken out of vector and placed under quarantine of the Nation of Andromeda. The entire Milky Way Galaxy has been under quarantine since that moment. Andromeda is our closet neighboring Galaxy and more spiritually advanced. In order to preserve the Universe a Plan was made to return Earth back on course to Alcyone by way of the Photon Belt. When Earth passes through the Eye of An, the center of the Orion belt and makes it way back to the Central Sun then there will be 9 Suns visible from Earth. We are currently in the 10th Gate of the 6th Sun as the Photon belt vectors us back to proper place in the Milky Way Galaxy.

On April 17, 2015 there was an activation of the Lake Louise StarGate in British Columbia, Canada. This StarGate is a direct route to Andromeda. By activating this StarGate the quarantine is being lifted so Earth may continue Her Ascension unencumbered. Earth is currently on lock down which means that only Extraterrestrial Craft at least 15 million years advanced of current Earth have access in or out. There still are some less advanced ET Ships here and they are being held, unable to leave and when the Event called Disclosure occurs they will be dealt with and sent away to a more appropriate place.

What is a StarGate? A StarGate is a doorway of sorts. Each Planet, Solar System and Galaxy, as an example, have their own resonant energies. One must travel through a StarGate in order to adjust to the energies on the other side. There are artificial and natural StarGates. Artificial StarGates look like the ones seen in movies. A round structure like a dial to another place and when passing through is like going through egg whites. They depict this as water. It is a Plasma type of energy. Some artificial StarGates are the Ziggurat at Aqar Quf, the Ziggurat at Ur and the Iraq StarGate at Khorsabad.

Natural StarGates may be found as lakes on the top of Mountains and near Mountains. There are natural StarGates at Lake Titicaca, Lake Ram StarGate at the base of Mt. Hermon, the Sudan StarGate in the Murrah Mountains, the lake on top of Mount Rainier, the lake on top of Mt. Kailas in Tibet and Lake Clarence King on top of Mt. Shasta.

During the activation of the Andromeda StarGate Elizabeth was given instructions and able to channel energy from beyond the 6th Sun from the Central Sun down through the Andromedan StarGate and into Inner Earth. Source Energy was brought in to intermingle with the Plasma Sun at Inner Earth through the StarGate. This rarified magnetic light energy was then blown into every cavern space, every portal and every StarGate on Earth to raise the frequency to enter the 10th Gate of the 6th Sun. In this energy nothing can stop the Event called Disclosure. It is a place where there is a point of no return. When this activation occurred it made it impossible for the cabal to escape the accountability of arrests and trials on Earth and at the Solar Tribunal and some at Dracos. The near destruction of this Universe has been averted. Following the activation four Buddhist monks who are Galactic Humans walked on to the StarGate to perform a Blessing over the energy work just completed. They did this with incense using special crystals which they pushed down into the frozen ice covering the StarGate. These crystals will go through the StarGate when the ice melts as summer comes nearer.

One week after the activation of the StarGate to Andromeda at Lake Louise there was an Earthquake unleashed on the Buddhist town of Kathmandu killing over 6300 people. This was no mistake. This Earthquake was targeted as retaliation for activating the final step before Disclosure. The removal of the quarantine means there is nothing that can stop Peace on Earth. This was a last final blow from those who are no longer in power and not long for this world. One way or another they will be leaving now. Earth will be allowed to evolve naturally without war criminals set out to destroy Her.

Because this was a mass psychological attack with not only a significant loss of life but also enormous loss of ancient Buddhist Temples, it qualifies as a case where Extraterrestrials and their technology may come in to assist humans in the next steps of bringing Divine government to Earth. This includes war reparations, a Divine Golden Age and reformation of all areas of life including healing, finances, education, energy, technology, travel and many more. Earth’s frequency is raised and the evolution continues.

Soon there will be landings and the Cities of Light and other technology will be available to help restore Earth and Humanity to truth, justice, beauty and peace. The May 3rd 2015 Full Moon begins the Wesak Festival. The Wesak Festival in Tibet is a large gathering of Humans and ETs alike. High in the Mountains Ships are seen from the raising to the setting Sun throughout the days of Celebration. This is the Celebration of the Buddha. It is the Kalki Maitreya returning to Earth. This Wesak marks the beginning of the end of time in this Cycle. This is exactly what you would expect to see unfold during an Easter Window for the Event called Disclosure.

This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. © 2015 All Rights Reserved.



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We Have Entered An Easter Window for the Disclosure Event, A Message from Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin

April 4, 2015



Greetings Citizens of Earth, this is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin. We know each One who is in sympathy with our Mission for Earth Ascension. We would like you to know what a help it is to have these luminous hearts through which to reach the darker areas where much of our work must be carried on. May we all band together as a divinely blessed fellowship and lend our utmost effort to serve well and faithfully. Yet we hold ourselves subject at all times to the All-wise supervision of our Supreme Commander.


As I have said before, Your Planet was given a rare opportunity to learn the true and dependable Laws leading to progress along all lines of achievement, physical, mental and spiritual. These are not religious Laws. These are the Universal Laws which elevate a Soul to Enlightenment, to Eternal Bliss, also known as Ascension. To begin One must follow practices which keep the body holy. Your body is a temple for your Soul. Without it death is imminent.


Ascension happens within the body allowing immortality. Without the body One must be born again and again. That is not the ideal because it is a cycle of suffering. One must eat to maintain health, purify toxins, exercise to be strong and keep the body systems in balance. One must be extremely cautious about allowing violence and salacious images to pollute the mind. How can the mind be strong, meditate, contemplate and reach the Highest Teachings if it is not so? One learns telepathy, teleportation, levitation and other siddhas only when the Universal Laws and Pure practices are achieved. This is done by a discipline which can only spring from One’s heart. A deep desire to be a Jedi Warrior and the discipline to begin those practices on your own. When the student has made themselves ready, the Master will appear.


When the One known to you as Jesus Christ was sent in human embodiment, not only to teach but to demonstrate in full sight of Earth dwellers, the Beauty, the Efficacy and the Supreme Wisdom of compliance with these powerful Creative Laws enunciated by the Omnipotent Creator of All Things! The failure of all but a mere handful of people to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the sublime spiritual message He brought, which would have freed them from all bondage to material things, their complete BLINDNESS filled our hearts with sorrowful despair of any possible chances for Earth to be saved from total destruction. The people of Earth were not ready.


How will you celebrate Easter? Will you prepare a feast of animal flesh? Universal Law states do no harm to others. A vegetarian diet is much better for your body, your mind, your temple and your karma. Are you dedicated to serving the Planet as a Citizen upholding all the Kingdoms on Earth for the Glory of Love? Think about it. It does make a difference because the Animal Kingdom is evolving right along Humanity. The day is well spent with loved Ones joining at Sunrise to enjoy the natural splendor outdoors of Earth and Sky. Connect with your Galactic Family on the Ships we are celebrating with you.


Today is the celebration of Passover. Moses came from the Ships in human embodiment to bring Universal Law down from the Mountain top where the Ship hovered for days. When he brought the Laws to his people he found them worshipping a golden calf. In Moses lifetime before Jesus Christ the people of Earth were not ready. This is not a religious teaching. Understand. Those who live on the Ships and visit Earth from other places stand at the ready to help Earth make it through her Ascension. There are cycles of Earth time. Hindus call these Yugas. During the time Moses brought these Laws to his people it was at a time like the present when Earth was failing.


The golden cow represented the wish-fulfilling cow. This is a Hindu teaching and also was known in Egypt as the Hathors. Moses was in Egypt after all, was he not? This was a period on Earth where the populace was poor, the cabal had taken over and Earth was dying as it is today. The wish-granting cow goddess represents a place in the Stars called Aldebaran. It is in the Constellation known to you as Taurus. The Hathors are an Extraterrestrial race. They come from Aldebaran which has a Creation Temple. This is where the Giza Pyramid was created and brought to Earth by Extraterrestrial technology.


The generator below that pyramid is still monitored daily by the Galactic Federation. It’s purpose is to keep Earth on her axis. The false channels about Earth shifting her poles are misinformation. My Command has Earth safe and any changes are beneficial for the Plan of terraforming and raising land masses which previously fell. The ice caps melting is a Galactic operation. The cabal keep you in fear about that. The truth is the fresh water going into the Seas is mitigated by the large Pleiadian Craft which look like enormous storms. Earth becoming temperate is the Divine Plan. As the ice caps melt the entrances to Center Earth are made accessible to Shuttle Craft so you may commute there as you like. The stories about evacuation are cancelled. Be of strong mind and sense when they attempt to pull the wool over your eyes.


The book of Ezekiel spoke of the Angelic Ships with a Human face, Cow face, Lion face and Eagle face. The cabal back then changed the story to say these combined to make a four headed beast. Truly this was a description of the Extraterrestrial Commanders who visited Ezekiel from their Ships. This was a moment when Supreme Grace brought Universal teachings to Earth and except for this mention the events of that day have been completely wiped out by those same Ones still continuing the truth embargo. It is a cover up of your Divine Nature, the part of you which is always whole and can never change. Their face described their place of origin. The Human face was my own. The bull face was Commander Kla La from Aldebaran. The Lion face was Alcyone, Twin Flame of Mother Sekhmet, the lion goddess of war. She is much dreaded by the cabal. The Eagle face was Commander Sananda which represents the Eagle Command. The founding fathers of the United States knew that and adopted the Eagle as a symbol.


Only when the temple and mind are cultivated for Ascension will you be able to undue the programming of the cabal and break free to Ascension. There is a lot of work left to be done. There is no such thing as waves of Ascension. Ascension is exquisitely individual. Ascension comes from you to you and must be done completely on your own. There are no short cuts. With daily devotion and continuing with practice like Yoda and Luke Skywalker, you will become the Master.


Passover sacrifice and marking the first born. This is not the original story, like most it has been altered. The first-born son is another name for those who challenged the abundant and unconditional love of Creator. Any who chose darkness over light were smote and sent back to Creation during that period. This was the time of the Exoduses happening in Egypt. It was also the 18th Dynasty in Egypt and the time of Akhenaten. It was one of Sananda’s lifetimes as King Tut. This was a cycle of Earth called Tetra Yuga. Lifetimes lasted thousands of years then. Much of the history has been removed as can be seen on entire Cities whose hieroglyphic records carved in stone have been scratched out. Mother Sekhmet lived on Earth then. Passover was the Way to Ascension. By marking the post over the door it showed a home where the Highest Teachings were being observed. Passover was the gift of Liberation given to the Jews. Earth Ascension was not successful in Moses lifetime or Jesus lifetime. Since these attempts at Ascending in a Body were unsuccessful a new Divine Plan was forged.


The stories are told of the cabal and their draconian beginnings. The cabal that were alive then are still on Earth today. There are also stories about Annunaki and Nephilim, Giants and Greys. Understand we at the Ashtar Command do not tolerate such prejudice. These are races of Extraterrestrials from many Stars all over your Galaxy. Only a small handful of each group has made trouble here on Earth. The rest of their race are loving benevolent Beings. Ninety-five percent of species in the Milky Way Galaxy are humans of some kind. Scientists say humanoid. All humans have DNA in common. That is why there have been some malevolent Extraterrestrials who have come here in the past to take DNA samples from women, children, men, animals, minerals and plants. Some took it without the individual’s permission. The vast majority of Extraterrestrials are far advanced and would never consider such crimes against Universal Law. They will be the Ones who will help mentor those living on Earth who also as a race, have not yet learned to honor the Plant, Animal, Mineral, Devic and Magical Kingdoms as well as continuing to mistreat Humanity far too long.


As time went on from these Ancient stories the cabal grew in strength. They continued to take as they wished from Earth and other Planets and enslaving those living there. As the cycles of time continued there was more destruction, not less. The cabal became more sophisticated. Eventually they came to Earth as Star Farers from the Future. They brought with them advanced technologies which Humanity was not ready for. This is a violation of the Prime Directive. The Prime Directive simply states that no person may interfere in a Planetary evolvement except under two circumstances 1) A nuclear holocaust. 2) A mass psychological attack (of which 911 is an example).


We who watched from our posts of observation in Space lost all hope of ever seeing your Planet rescued from the fate it had brought upon itself. I say that because Moses and Jesus Christ both had failed lifetimes. Humanity was unable to see the work involved in Ascension and go to it. The cabal were successful then in keeping the people in the dark. It continues today even with the advent of the internet the Highest Teachings are completely ignored and everyday great lives are ended. What will be your fate?


The Admiral Sananda, the Redeemer, had made a sacred promise to those who believed and trusted in him implicitly. To them he said he would return in power and great glory. We come now in full confidence that this promise is to be kept. We have been summoned to assist in the fulfilling of this promise. As above so below. On Earth there are bodies who govern themselves. There have been wars waged over territories. Alliances are formed where stronger members can protect weaker members. As the cycles of the Cosmos continued similar alliances have been formed in Space. We came back now because in Earth’s future, things continued to decline. Due to continual Space Wars and nuclear destruction 1/3 of the entire Milky Way Galaxy was eventually destroyed. The most recent Nuclear Holocaust on Earth was 4 years ago. Fukushima has taken out a large percentage of all Sea Life on the Planet. It spilled into the ocean and through Earth’s core to the other side. We use Extraterrestrial technology to mitigate these effects and I say to you, if we were not assisting with environmental concerns Earth would have perished long ago.


We of the Ashtar Command are working with world leaders to come to a solution. That solution is the Event called Disclosure. This is when the President of the United States tells Earth Citizens ‘We Are Not Alone In The Universe’. We do this to free up Earth’s governments to work together with Space government, Galactic Allies as it were who are better capable to help Earth and protect her from anymore cabal interference and destruction. Earth is being towed by a Photon belt back into the confines of the Milky Way Galaxy because she was well on her way flying off course to complete destruction. This is causing a massive dimensional upshift.


Supreme Grace is directly assisting Humanity to prepare quickly in order to remain on Earth. Have compassion for those who will need more time in duality to complete their karma. They will be transported to other 3rd Dimensional Planets where karma may continue to be played out. For all others it is time to Ascend. Passover was offered for Ascension in the body. Resurrection is another word for Ascension. The cabal put out the message that Jesus Ascended after death. Jesus did not die on the cross. He was unconscious and taken down into the tomb where supernatural healers restored his health and he Ascended in his body. This is the example. This is why it says Jesus will not return to Earth in a body. He continues immortal and returns in a MotherShip. He comes down to Earth from Heaven. He works with Earth government. Government will be used as a tool for Disclosure. By doing this a great age of reformation will be available to Humanity.


This will be the year for a great Jubilee. It is in this Easter Window for Disclosure that the steps needed will begin. It does not have to be on Easter. As the Full Moon lunar eclipse brings Higher Energies from Alcyone to Earth see it beginning to unfold. We have Won! Knowing from long experience the manifold joys and satisfactions which will be yours when you are released from all those who hold you captive to their evil wills, we come with an excess of enthusiasm to lend our support in every way that is possible. Earth is being restored as a shining Orb in the Heavens. You are never alone.


Salut! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin.




Ashtar is Commander of the Galactic Federation under the orders of the King of Kings. Admiral Sananda Jesus with Captain Ashtar are in charge of this Universe Nebadan. Admiral Lincor is the head of the Star Fleet of the Intergalactic Confederation of Seven Universes as they report to him. When Earth Ascends we will become the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.



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Lions Gate through the Lunar Eclipse New Timeline Anchoring

A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin

August 8, 2015


Greetings Everybody! It has been over three months since my last message. I have been through an illness which took intensive therapy to overcome. My body made it through the changes. I worked on my Disclosure Mission on a little lap top reclining and only left home for various doctors appointments. All is well. Anyone who has been waiting for an email from me, I am ready for you now. I took a necessary rest from replying for several weeks. I am here for you now. Remember I have not rested from 7 days a week work in years. I invite you to contact me. eltrutwin@gmail.com Sananda has asked me to bring this important message and is looking forward to speaking with those who feel called to do that. My website is redirected until after Disclosure. Look for my messages on fb http://Facebook.com/eltrutwin or email me and put in the subject ADD and I will email future messages to you. Thank you for your kind understanding, patience, well wishes, light and love. Namaste! All My Love, beth


Lions Gate through the Lunar Eclipse New Timeline Anchoring

A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin,

August 5, 2015


The Celestial Dance:

Lions Gate 8/8, New Moon 8/14, First quarter Moon 8/22, Full Moon 8/29, Last quarter Moon 9/5, New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse 9/13, Equinox 9/22, Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse 9/28.


Hyperdimensional Travel by Galactic Beings


Prepare for Lions Gate 8/8/15 (888) and continue to be in Atonement with the Abundance of Nature and The Cosmos through the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 9/28/2015. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. You will witness and participate in the anchoring of New Timelines reconnecting Earth to the Cosmic Timelines. This upcoming frequency shift for Earth and this sector of The Milky Way Galaxy correct thousands of years of damage caused by a handful of Intergalactic War Criminals. Earth will be permanently anchored back to the correct Cosmic Timeline. In the last 10,000 years nuclear war so devastatingly ravished this western arm of The Milky Way Galaxy it was unsure until 1987 if Earth would survive.


There are debates today `about intelligent Beings visiting Earth. Some feel they are not Extraterrestrial, rather they are Inter Dimensional. The truth is they are both. They travel through the Dimensions to come to Earth making them Inter Dimensional. In all cases they are visiting from higher Dimensions than Earth. They are not from Earth making them Extraterrestrial. There is no reason for debate. They are both, and.


DNA is the Light Code. The Physical Body is the Hard Drive. The Light Body is the Modem Facilitating the LIFE STREAM. Etheric and Physical are Merging as Humanity Ascends.


There is also a phrase used in place of Dimensions saying a Being may be of another density. This is a reference to body types of Beings who are different from Earth Humanity and is not the preferred way to compare different Beings. It is true as we move up the Dimensions our bodies change to exist in the environment where we are. We all carry humanoid DNA and existing in the Higher Dimensions means our bodies become lighter.


Recently many have experienced illnesses which purged the body of density preparing the way for existing at a Higher Dimension on Earth. The basis of the ionic relationships within the cells are changing as the DNA is activated.


The DNA is the bridge between the physical and the etheric or subtle bodies. The DNA is a coding program and the cells are the software. The hardware is the physical body. As you activate the DNA with Cosmic Rays from these rarified energies entering Earth’s atmosphere now it has a profound effect on your physical body. In the Adam Kadmon body model found in Earth Humanity much more is possible than we have ever explored. The human brain is made up of 100 billion neuron cells and nearly 100 trillion synapses. Our State of Consciousness determines how we utilize the power in our mind. The mind is a direct link to Source energy, a great powerhouse. As we learn to change our thinking we are able to harness the body in new ways. This power is invoked only after taking up new habits like a certain diet and regular meditation, doing yoga asanas fine tunes the body to move Source Energy through from Space down into the head down to the feet and into Earth. As new lighter thoughts pervade, levitation, teleportation, remote viewing, remote hearing, jumping, not being bothered by hunger, thirst, heat or cold and becoming minuscule are only the beginning.


Cosmic Rays Feed Your Body The Gold Dust from Space. Your DNA is Humanoid. Your DNA originated in the Stars. You Are Born of the Stars.


Cosmic Rays which float through Space and come from clouds in Space found inside nebulae float down to Earth. Cosmic Ray originate outside our Solar System and this Milky Way Galaxy. They are supercharged with the energy from Source Energy, from the Central Sun and then charged by the light from our Sun as they make their way to Earth’s atmosphere. Some Cosmic Rays are produced by ions having collisions with interstellar matter. These rays carry the material which makes up the Stars. The ions are absorbed through the crown in the head. It is the same place where your fontanelle was open when you were born. It brings the ions into the brain where they enter the blood and become an important part of nourishing your brain, heart and organs as well as regulating the blood sugar and many other functions which we still do not understand. Ayurveda and Acupuncture work with the energy centers within the body for healing and modern medicine has not accepted this school of thought. What we eat matters. What toxins we consume matter. What dark thoughts are processed through your mind matter. Lighten your daily practices and your body will follow.
















Every morning you have the freedom to alter your thoughts or your major concepts you carry about you. It is possible to remove and rebuild all concepts you carry. So if you want to change your thoughts you must work at it everyday for thirty-three days. In one month you will have a new personality. The reason it is hard to achieve is that if during the day you return to old habits, old conversations, old family and friends you get those thoughts back. If you do that perpetually until you die you will not Ascend. That’s how it works.


No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It. Raise Your Consciousness.


There are no waves of Ascension or any kind of automatic Ascension. It happens within your mind and it is exquisitely individual. If you have been reading fake channels thinking you are Ascending automatically you will not wake up until that moment of death and then it is too late. No one knows when that moment will be. It is wise to get to work now. Utilize meditation to activate those Cosmic Rays in the neurons of your mind to course through your blood stream effecting all your organs and enlightening your Consciousness. Love is the key. Thoughts are the lock. There is something known as Hookara Mediation and that is very effective to changing the personality. One day research will prove these things.


It has been said Love is all their is. Truth is, Consciousness is all their is. There are many States of Consciousness. Those with differing beliefs are existing in different States of Consciousness. The object is to arrive at a State of Pure Awareness. Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Corporate Leaders, Religious Leaders, Philosophers, Teachers, Farmers, Mechanics are all living in a different State of Consciousness. They wear these in their own species of Humanity as different bodies. So too different religions, different nationalities and different age groups do as well. Any group you associate yourself with, you become that species, you wear that body. It is from this State of Consciousness you make decisions, influence others and live or die.


Cosmic Awareness makes it possible to assume any kind of body. If you choose to change the body you’re in you simply change your thoughts. Postponement is one of the worst diseases that stops your Conscious Enlightenment. Taking in the Cosmic Rays made up of lithium, beryllium, boron, scandium, titanium, vanadium, and manganese which have mixed with the Sun’s energetic particles and the Earth’s magnetic force they are converted to a secondary particle similar to helium and hydrogen and making up the primordial elemental abundance which makes up the vibration of love. Love is the electromagnetic crystalline structure attached to the Cosmic Rays which govern all the body functions within the Adam Kadmon body. Our thoughts are the transmitters. Some people transmit over the equivalent of an old cathode ray tube for black and white TV and some people transmit over the equivalent of Nano Servers. Your personal daily practices combined with your thoughts and other interactions with people and your environment govern your State of Consciousness. As you make adjustments your State of Consciousness raises incrementally. This is what is being termed as Ascension. It is an ever ongoing evolutionary process which occurs on the Individual, Planetary, Galactic, Universal, OminUniversal and Cosmic levels. Earth Ascension effects All That Is.


The Lions Gate is a Portal which opens as Earth aligns with Galactic Center this day every year.



Everything that is in motion stays in motion. In the beginning the Unmanifest Absolute we call milk or may be considered LIGHT, WAS. The Manifest Absolute pours out the libation as an offering, AS LIFE to all in the Dark Matter Universe. The motion creates Gases, Cosmic Rays, Stars, Nebulae, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes, MultiUniverses, the Infinite Cosmos and All That Is.



Helios and Vesta are the Solar Logos. They are the Sun behind the Sun. They are the emanations of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine which are Formless. Vesta, Divine Mother, emanates Source Energy from the Light Matter Universe which is just on the other side of Galactic Center and projects the MILK from their Universe called On in the seven SuperUniverse system. She emanates Source Energy through which we came into our Universe, through The Scorpio Black H*** at Galactic Center, into our Dark Matter Universe. Helios, Divine Father, offers the MILK, the plasma-electro-magnetic-crystalline LIGHT which allows LIFE to be possible in this Universe Nebadon. This light beams in from Source Energy, travels through the Black H*** at Galactic Center and through the Central Sun at the Planet Alcyone in the Pleiadian System, through the bubble in the Sun, the Corona of Sol and then down to Earth Herself in the MILKY WAY Galaxy. A very special place indeed. The challenge is to transcend the Evolutionary Path of the rigid human Intellect and to embrace an Evolutionary Path of Pure Awareness. Consciousness awakens and expands into more awareness and perception of the world around it. People wake up. The Collective Consciousness experiences shifts. On the Lions Gate of 8/8/2015 (888) Galactic Center located at 26 degrees Sagittarius and the Planet Sagittarius A, a highly evolved Civilization whose President is Salvington, engage with Earth and the Celestial Process of infusing Earth with high levels of Source Energy. This year the transmission is particularly strong. The Solar Logos is Source Energy that enters Earth’s atmosphere to create the shifts. It’s an awakening and return to a connection with the Cosmos. Source Energy is a celestial heat. The Fire and Ether Elements combined. It has the power to heal. It has the power to transform. The Solar Logos is the return of courage and bravery. The New Timelines are anchored through the Hearts of Humanity. It’s something you have to embrace within. The return of loving kindness.



The Milky Way Galaxy is a Helical Vortex. Everything is rotating around something else. In our Solar System the Planets rotate around the Sun and Earth chases the Planet Lyra. Our Solar System spirals above the Galactic Plane and the Stellar Wind, the Word, the Breath, the Life, work on our Solar System influencing its evolution. In the center of our Galaxy is the Scorpio Black H***. This is where all Life which has Ever Been Born into the Nebadon Universe through the Unimanifest Absolute Cream of Divine Mother as Light. This is where all Life which has Ever Been Born into the Nebadon Universe through the Unimanifest Absolute Cream of Divine Mother as Light.



This 4 million Solar Mass Black H*** rotates once every 11 seconds. The Black H*** is a massive vacuum removing from the Dark Matter Universe of Nebadon all that is unholy, tyrannical and full of death. It returns these things back to Light at On to become New Creation. This Lions Gate is a Portal which opens as Earth aligns with Galactic Center this day every year. This year when we are anchoring the healed Timelines of Earth, She is repositioned to Her original position in the western sector of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Universe is a Hologram. A New Ascended Earth with New DNA within the cells of all the Kingdoms; Magical, Devic, Animal, Planet, Mineral are accessible now. The Sea Life, Humanity, Inner Earth’s Plasma Sun, the Mountain Ranges and connections within and without are all healed by the influx of Source Energy from the Solar Logos. They add their part into the frequency pattern of Unseen Planets such as Sagittarius A alignment with the processional Earth and those two effect together everything we know. The alignment of Galactic Center with Cosmic Center which took place on December 21, 2012 was the end of Earth as we knew it. That is because the Earth Hologram we are anchoring today was activated into the Causal Realm that day. Now on this Lion’s Gate 8/8/15 the Earth Hologram is anchored into the Galactic Energetic Grid within the Holographic Universe in the Physical Realm. Now the changes predicted which accompany Collective Consciousness raising are already in place and manifesting Seen. An example of this is the Plasma Sun which has been inserted into our Moon Luna. It has been seen as a Blue Aurora flaring around our Moon.


It is the Light of the Sun which sustains all life within the Milky Way Galaxy and it is the Light reflected off the surface of the Moon which regulates the rhythms of all Life on Earth. The Full Moon 8 days ago reflected more Source Energy than any other Full Moon in Earth’s history. The Plasma Energy within the Moon is now acting on Earth through the Equinox and Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. This new Plasma Sun within the Moon Luna has created a Blue Theta Aurora and this is needed to project all of that massive Source Energy beaming to Earth in this tumultuous time of Changeover and the Event called Disclosure. As these changes take hold Earth will enter Zero Point Energy. Although this is not currently described in our science academia we do know Einstein’s theories were based on Third Dimensional Being. It was Einstein who told us the 4th Dimension is time. All messages who say we are Ascending through the 4th Dimension are continuing to repeat through the filter of the channel an old outdated belief system as old as the concept of 3D. We now transcend Time. The 4th Dimension is collapsing into the 3rd as we climb above the 5th Dimension and beyond. The First Dimension is a Point in Space. The Second Dimension is a Plane on the horizon extending from that Point. The Third Dimension is a point in Space within a Plane. In mathematics we think of the Third Dimension as a point on the x and y axis. The Fourth Dimension is NOT the astral realm. That is an old teaching. Drop it. The Fourth Dimension is TIME. The fifth Dimension is a Point in Space and in Time. A point on the x, y and z axises.






















The Theta Aurora within the Moon is a Plasma Energy connecting Earth with Galactic Center and was first seen July 29th, two days before the last Full Moon. Plasma emits light when under the excitation of electric-magnetic-crystalline fields. Polar auroras bear witness to this fact. The Plasma filaments connect our Solar System within the electrical supply of the wider Galaxy. Our Solar System moves through our Universe at 70,000 km/hr across the Galactic Plane and Ascending along with the Cosmos interconnected with All Life. Earth Ascension cannot be postponed. It is effecting All That Is. Torsion Field Physics cancels Newton and Einstein. It defines Mass and Inertia as not being constants. It introduces Plasma Cosmology which will effect all other science.


It is time to end The Truth Embargo, end scientific suppression and join our human intellect to the Collective Consciousness on Earth and out to our Galactic Family in the Stars. Meditate on the New Earth Hologram anchoring to the healed Timelines and connecting to the Plasma Energy which holds Earth within this Universe. Meditate on receiving Source Energy as loving kindness from the Solar Logos and allow it to flow through your body into Earth. Change Yourself to Change Your Consciousness. Call on me in cases where you experience chaos as the Changeover creates a bit of tumultuous times as we move into a force field at Zero Point in no time. Namaste! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 8, 2015. © All Rights Reserved.



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